I'm hoping to get some advise- with this unexpected withdrawal from Fentanyl patches 75mg.

My doctor went on an early vacation and for some reason (I just learned that not all doctors make their prescriptions good for only 7 days, but that's the way he does mine- leaving me a very small window of time in which to get my refills)
Anyway, he's on vacation (no back up or pager) and I won't have enough to get me through.
Therefore I tried the unadvised - cutting the patch in half and then had the half patch fall off.

I'm having extreme sweating, chills, muscle spasms and twitches and oh- it's difficult to describe. I just keep groan/screaming in agony. Is ER my only option? I'm afraid even if I can hack it the symptoms will throw off my heart and neurology testing on Monday. Advise? Is there anything I can take to ease these symptoms?