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Can I get pregnant if I am on birth control pills and he always pulls out no matter what?

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zeynab.siahnouri 30 Jan 2012

I think If you consume birth control pills every day on time and regular you can not get pregnant..

good luck..

DzooBaby 30 Jan 2012

No birth control is absolutely 100% effective other than abstainance. Birth control pills, however, are very effective. Their rate is abour 98-99% effectiveness when taken properly-meaning taking everyday at more or less the same time of day without fail. The more you variate from that, the more likely pregnancy can occur. So if you miss a Pill and dont use a back up or if you take your Pill at too many different times, it increases chance for pregnancy. Your partner pulling out does NOTHING! Men secrete sperm all through the sex act, not just at ejaculation so the withdrawal method is really worthless. If you are going to have sex, and you are taking your Pill as you should, you might as well let him finish. If you want extra protection then have him wear a condom. That is what is recommended for a back up method and to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

zeynab.siahnouri 30 Jan 2012

Yes..I agree with you..No birth control is absolutely 100% effective..using condom is the best for avoiding STD and infections
good luck

lolyne 7 Feb 2012

no contraceptive is a 100% would rather use condoms which prevents you from contracting STI. free discount card

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