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Can I drink any alcoholic beverages or take ibuprofen while on cymbalta?

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Inactive 17 May 2011

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ibuprofen ↔ duloxetine
Applies to: ibuprofen, Cymbalta (duloxetine)

caringsonbj 17 May 2011

in 1975 I have a subtotal gastrectomy, my concern for you is that Ibuprofen already can cause gastric irritation and in some people can cause a G.I. bleed I don't know what Cymbalta and alcohol would do but the fact that it has an effect on your mental status then I would question whether it would be a good idea for you to drink alcoholic beverages with the combination of any of these, it's just my opinion but I would rather have you be safe than for you to have any problems at all, before I would go as far as to do it I would talk to the doctor or pharmacist and see what they have to say, your safety is paramount to me, I want you to be the very best you can be, feel free to keep us posted, this question may very well come up again and it would be an educational piece of information. Take good care

Inactive 17 May 2011

Hi nicoledawn. Well inregards to alcohol, its not recommended. Possibly, and very likely it will damage your liver. And it will help to nullify any chance the possible healing effects that cymbalta as a antidepressant was created for. Thats more or less the rule. I would use caution in regards to alcohol when using medications, especially those labelled for psychiatric use. In almost every case-medication, alcohol use is highly not recommended.I'd stay away from the alcohol, the adverse effects as a result might be very serious. best wishes to you though, hope that the cymbalta is helping or going to help you. free discount card

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