I was thrown from a pickup 22 years ago, I have to crushed vertab L1 and L2 i started taking loratab 10/500 about 10 years ago, however I stopped cold turkey when i became pregnant that was 8 years ago and i had very little withdraw syntoms because i was only taking about 1 or 2 pills a day some days i didnt take any. BUT now i take 2 to 5 pills a day and in the past few years i have been abusing them and my pain free husband of 16 years has taken them as long as i have, and it is destroying my family, all the things that go along with addiction is about to take my family out, and I won't let that happen, my main concern is i'm fearful of the chronic pain and will i be able to overcome the pain without pain killers? I know i have to stop in order for him to stop as well, PLEASE, PLEASE, can someone give me some advice? Im scared!!!