Ok... so about a year ago I had a horrible suboxone experience and vowed I would never take it again. However about three months ago I relapsed and now now I find myself struggling to get off opiates, failing at self methadone tapers and I am unable to enter into detox because I work and have children. I have 12 suboxone left from my last prescription and I don't want to go induct? (sp) as high as the doctor told me to, nor would I be able to with that amount.. NOR do I wish to be taking suboxone for any longer than a week.. Is it even possible to stabalize and than taper within that amount of time? Someone please help. I am tired. I want this nightmare to be over already and I don't want to have the same experience I had the last time which was a straight week of no sleep.. crazy withdrawl, and a a to z list of symptoms that had me wishing i'd just gone cold turkey from the dope.