I'll try to make this as brief as possible. I awoke at 3 a.m CST with severe crushing chest pain and numbness on my right side. Horrible heartburn.
My husband rushed me to the ER the nurses were quite efficient, they did the usual EKG hookup,, I was in ventricular fibrillation, BP was was 188/156
{pulse was 145 Respiratory rate was 112.
In walks ER doctor. wanting to know what "elicit drug I was on! CRACK, COCAINE HEROIN ETC;; HE NEVER TOOK THE TIME TO READ MY CHART!!!

He began a lecture on how I was way to thin! I admit I am only 5'3 1 and 1/2 inches tall soaking wet and I weigh 102lbs. which I struggle to maintain and eat no less than six high calorie meals per day, along with Benecalorie and boost to try to gain weight and keep the weight' this doctor insulted me, called me a bad case of 'skin bone, and that I was my own worst enemy , he was a rude obnoxious and uncaring for a Doctor!

They started an IV and administered 10mg. Valium, 10 milligrams of morphine,after a half I again they repeated the same meds again. With a constant barrage of insults from this Doctor. One of the nurses said off the record; I need someone to back me up on his (the DR.) behavior. That she and several other's have no problem backing me up!
By the way my labs came back showing only the medications prescribed to me. I was sent home and told to see my PMCD the next day.
I don't care If I'm dying, I will never again go to an urgent care clinic. Should I report this doctor??? The women behind the other curtains also heard him ; gave me their name, phone number. the date they were at the clinic, the doctors name, the reason they were being seen etc.
Please tell me, am I wrong pursuing this his: O should I just let it go? I respect your input with the utmost respect! Thanks midwestma/Gwendolene