I've been an opiate addict for years but just since February I've started using H via IV. Comparatively I don't do much but still; I suppose doing any could be considered "too much". I'm scared out of my mind cz I've spent all my $ this weekend once again after promising I wouldnt but besides that I'm trying to keep my job. Also, I'm trying to keep this to myself since I've made several mistakes before I'm afraid my recent decisions may get me kicked out the fam. I was at about a bun a day but lately (the past weekish) it's been about 4-5 bags. I plan on not having anything come this weekend and just face So I have a few bags left n a little suboxone. I'm doing a bag only after feeling sick for alittle but I know soon enough my anxiety will be full-fledged as well as RLS and sleeplessness (which at times is boarderline insomnia). Those are just a couple of longlasting problems I'll feel long after any WD's. I don't know what to do but I kno what I'm praying for... (almost) any comments, suggestions, or advice is welcome (from knowledgable people not people who've "heard" things n want to say how dangerous or serious or stupid this is).