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Can HIV be transmitted by Jet Injectors?

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Rajive Goel 20 Sep 2011

The World Health Organization states that jet injectors "are no longer recommended due to risks of disease transmission".

Regarding transmission of HIV virus is concerned the risks cannot be ruled out, however, please check with a pharmacist for more accurate information.

Take care, be safe & well, please, best wishes!

litlmommag 20 Sep 2011

I'm sorry but I wouldn't chance it. Anytime there is blood on blood contact the risk of transmission is there. If you have a chance of being infected please goto the health department tell them you maybe at risk and take an hiv test. Treatments for hiv has gone a long way if it is detected the chance of transmission they can give an antiveral med to stop the disease frm taking its course to full hiv. And if the test even des cme back hiv pos better to knw fr treatment the diagnosis can make yu have a fll life withut worry and anxiety hpe this helps. Best wishes for a healthy life free discount card

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