i have been on Fluoxetine for 10 days now and while I was having sleep problems before starting Prozac the last 3 days I have not been able to sleep more than 3 hours before waking up and staying awake. I know that I have not been taking it long enough to help with my depression but I can
tell that it is starting to kick in due to nothing below the belt is not working anymore.

My dr. perscribed a generic sleep aid but found that it cost $80+ and my budget will not allow me to afford that. My insurance will not pay for any sleep aids period.

I looked at the $4 generic list at Walmart and the $5 generic list at HEB and checked all the meds listed for mental health. There is only one med listed (which is on both Walmart and HEB "cheap" list) called Doxepin.that can be used for (amoung other things) Insomnia. Has anyone used this combination of meds and if so did it work for you?