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Can Doryx effect my menstrual cycle?

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robo 24 Aug 2009

No. Doryx is a tetracycline antibiotic and it doesn't affect the menstrual cycle.


Katsoup 21 Sep 2009

The same thing happened to me. I suspect that Doryx does affect my menstrual cycle. I started taking it a month ago. I've missed my period for 3-4 weeks now and I taken quite a few home pregnancy tests over the past few weeks. All of them came out negative. I'm not showing any symptoms of pregnancy. If 'asdfj' is saying that her cycle has been affected, I think we should take into consideration that this is an unknown side effect. Does anyone have any theories?

LeeAndrea 21 Oct 2009

My period has always been right on track and is now occuring every two weeks. Only since I started taking Doryx. There are no other changes in my lifestyle. Very curious.

cupcakee 26 Dec 2009

I think that Doryx does in fact affect the menstrual cycle. Ive been taking Doryx for a little over a month now. I was supposed to get my period 2-3 days ago and still haven't gotten it. I took two pregnancy tests and both were negative. So the only explanation I can think of, is that Doryx is the reason why I haven't gotten my period this month.

bravobravo 10 Aug 2010

I have been taking Doryx for nearly a month (3 days shy) and have not had my period for almost two months. I began taking the medicine right before the time I should have gotten my period and have taken a pregnancy test - negative. I usually have my period every two-four weeks and this is highly irregular for me. I read the side effects and there is no mention of Doryx affecting a menstrual cycle - ??? Help. free discount card

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