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Can dilaudid show a false positive for oxycodone on a urine screen?

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mpvt 30 Aug 2009

Yes... Dave

olivoyl 1 Sep 2009

dave, could you be more specific as to how this can happen? thanks, oliv

mpvt 1 Sep 2009

Both dilaudid and hydrocodone are synthetic opiates. Some urine tests won't show them at all. Some will show them as the one you are referring to has. They often don't state specifically what drug is present in urine tests other then to state that a benzodiazapine metabolite is present or a opiate metabolite is present.m These urine tests are very basic in nature so it's not uncommon to get a false-positive reading. You need to send the urine off to a lab were they can do much more precise testing werte it would then show the oxycodone rather then hydromorphone. Hope that helps... Dave

olivoyl 1 Sep 2009

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