I was told that after weaning down from oxycodone that if you took 4mg then step down to 2 mg of dilaudid then stop the dilaudid then the WD's weren't as severe.I've stepped down to 7.5mg of oxy 3/x's /day( never abused them just took for pain and have been on 5mg perc's for 3 years prior to the oxy's). Medical detox is the best alternative I realize this fact. I do take a benzo sleeping aid every PM and am afraid I'll not be able to sleep or have a siezure( never had 1 before) if I stop the sleeping pills and oxy's at the same time.Replacing 1 opiate for another is not wise but I can't afford a medical detox and I do need fusion surgery(neck) which I can't get done.I want to see if I can live without opiates for chronic pain but think I'll still be in agony after detoxing and still need pain meds. Steriods and shots never worked for me.I really don't want SUB either because you have to detox from that too.