My sister had been taking Dilantin since she was a teenager. Now she is 45 yrs. old. Recently my mom got sick and my sister just went really bizarre and unreasonable. I have two caregivers for my mother so my sister is not stress taking care of her. My mom is a lot better now but my sister has continued to manifest her mood and behavior changes. I think she is depressed, anxious and also hostile to almost everybody around her. She also has thoughts fo hurting herself. I have told her doctor re her situation and he wants to see her. But the problem is nobody can convince her to see a doctor or even talked to her. The doctor does not want to prescribed just any medicine since she is taking Dilantin. She has also stayed with my cousin for a couple of weeks for a change of environment which we thought might helped her. But after a week or so she is back to her usual behavior. She has returned to the house and now does not eat. She also has create problems in the house like running the water until our water tank is empty. I don't think she has behaved like this before. I think she is also menopausal. I don't know if the combination of Dilantin and her being on menopausal age is the cause of her bizarre behavior. Please help.