I am a 47 year young male that has alway been in good shape. However just a few weeks ago I had my first seizure. After an MRI/CT Scan and Spinal tap,Lung Biopsy, Brain Biopsy all in one day... then got he results back... I had 3 lesions on my brain, but were all non malignant.

So the started me on Dilantin@ 400mg makes me very tired and weird feeling. However the also had me on Ativan which was for anxiety for all the hell I was going through. But that was for only a few days. Is there any long term effects of using both?

I am wanting to get off this Dilantin quick, but they say I must use it for 2 years? Even though they have no idea what caused the Lesions. I just know the the Dilantin makes me depressed and the Ativan made me feel good.