I have mononucleosis. Three weeks ago, after prolonged bed rest and anxiety, I got up and walked around too fast. I felt dizzy, light headed, weak, nauseous, my vision and hearing faded and I was telling my parents I was going to faint. They sat me in a chair and held me upright. They said I slumped over in the chair and they tried to hold me up. After about ten seconds, my body started to very slowly shake. When I woke up about 20 seconds later, I felt shakey and had ringing in my ears and I was apparently pale. I wasn't confused, didnt bite my tongue, body didnt hurt, didnt lose bowel or bladder control. I was rushed to hospital though. I got a whole bunch of tests done, bloodwork and ECG. All totally normal. Doctors told me I likely fainted but my body shook as it's attempt to get me down and get blood to my brain. Said I was highly dehydrated which caused low blood pressure upon standing, leading to syncope. They prescribed Ativan for my anxiety, 0.5 mg once a day.

A few days later, I went in for an EEG as a precaution. The technician asked me of my experience and already told me it was unlikely I had a seizure. The text came back completely normal, no evidence of seizure activity.
BUT I read that ativan is an anti-convulsant, and I had taken 0.5mg the day before my test. Did it alter my EEG results if it calms the seizure activity in the brain? I am deathly afraid of seizures and I'm scared that I'm going to have one, or that my EEG was wrong.

Please help.