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Can anyonetell me what happened to dave?

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Anonymous 13 Dec 2011

Hello mvolpe. I believe he closed his acccount. I recall one of his last threads when he mentioned he was going to no longer be on the site. I hope hes doing well. pledge

LiverLips 13 Dec 2011

Hi mvolpe! I saw that on a post a while ago also. I believe it was patti who said that his account was closed. One of our group, perhaps Jaime or pup, used to talk to him frequently.

I'm so very sorry but since I've been ill my memory has gone kaput. :(
Later today, I'm sure you'll receive additional responses.

Have a good week, mvolpe! Cheers to better health!

from Wendy :)

Anonymous 13 Dec 2011

You;re right Wendy. Talk about memory loss, or lack of. Have a super fine one in my old stomping grounds "the great white north" See you! free discount card

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