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Can anyone with ocd deal with this without mediciation?

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Inactive 21 Jul 2011

Hello Iam2859. In a nutshell, my own opinion, again just a layman, not a therapist or doctor, and being a slave to this illness, absolutely not. No possible way. I know, I have this illness. I could not imagine, living my life without medication to help me in my daily routine. I might add that if you were to ask any prescribing physicians, or non prescribing physcians, psychiatrists, and psychologists, psycho therapists and so on, thier answer would most certainly be, no. The person, or patient will need medication. I"ve seen and lived first hand how this senseless illness can control a person. Its a crusher, devastating, non-stop routine of useless rituals, thinking, thoughts.

Inactive 21 Jul 2011

I am sorry, but you did not post the medication name. My husband has the "cleaniing" type of OCD, & would love to find a med that can help this. Please list the medicines name. If your medication helps you tho' I wouldn't worry about whether you have to take it or not. Be thankful you have it. People with OCD do not realize I believe how this affects others close to them. Best of luck to you...

puckiemull 21 Jul 2011

Hi lam,
I agree with both Pledge and Mary,I also suffer from ocd and can only say it has calmed a little since i started taking meds,its not completely gone but its alot better then it was before.I have the same as Mary's hubby-the cleaning routine,it gets pretty bad somedays but i know without meds i would be alot worse off.I found prozac helped and recently been switched to seroquel,that has'nt done a whole lot for me yet in other areas such as my depression and anxiety,but my ocd has'nt got worse so thats a bonus. If you can find a med that will work for your ocd,take it,its better then living with the rituals and obessivness.I understand the feelings quiet well,its horribble to go through and it effects your whole lifestle,familly,living,etc,so i would strongly advise if you can find meds take them and make yourself better!
Take care

Joel 1973 26 Jul 2011

Hi after nearly a years wait I have finally got a place on a programme of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. I've only just started so am still on my medication-Anafranil- but ny therapist says he has known people end up medication free. Best of luck Joel

puckiemull 27 Jul 2011

Best of luck with the therapy Joel,
I attended cbt also,it gives you tools to help your anxiety and ocd eposides.
I wish you the best of luck and hopefully you will be able to be pill free..
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