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Can anyone tell me when is a child too big for a car seat or booster?

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litlmommag 15 Oct 2011

EnDepding on there hieght abou 40 lbs carseat 8 years old for booster here in ohio but call local sheriff dep thell tell you and sometimes they give yu wahat you need for free take care

litlmommag 16 Oct 2011

Meyati that is crzy does she use one? I know the law in ohio is hieght r age over 8 her situation is crazy I don't even wear my seat belt I hate them

meyati 16 Oct 2011

It's different in different states. Would you believe that my daughter-in-law, an AF vet, and an engineer is so short that by law she's supposed to be in a child's safety car seat? She was tall enough to be deployed-

Inactive 16 Oct 2011

It can also depend if you are putting a child in the front seat too I believe. If there is an airbag in the front seat, the child must weigh a certain amount or be of a cetain weight (think it's 85 or 90 pounds)for the air bag deploymnet or it can suffocate a child. I used to be a little thing, & our truck at the time had the option on shutting off the passenger side air bag, & on long trips it made me nervous so had it shut off. Hate driving interstates next to semis with my husband driving lol. The reason for the safety seat is a small child can slip right under an seat belt in a head on collision. Hope this helps..

meyati 17 Oct 2011

Lots of smalle/younger children in front seats had their necks broken by air bags. Here a child under 10 years old isn't supposed to be in a front seat. NM was the first state to have a seat belt and child seat laws. We also have the most stringent and restrictive laws about children's safety and booster seats. So again, check your local jurisdiction.

Inactive 18 Oct 2011

They go by size & weight in Ilinois. Sometimes I would think a lot of 10 year olds could be very small, but then could be very big! Mary free discount card

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