from another. Also Go to bed early and get up late and still feel tired' I finished weaing from cymbalta 1 week ago and my Wellbutrin XL was increased to 300mg from 150mg. I understand theaspect of lowering to dose of cymbalta and starting me on a low dose of Wellbutrin, This increase the Wellbutrin to 300mg while still staying on the cymbata another week. That ended on Monday. I do not know if my vomiting is from the with draw or a side effect of the welbutrin. I also take Avinza 120mg Morphine Sulfate immeadiate release 15mg Ativan Norvasc Zocor Potassium Synthroid Flexeril
Diazide I hane neen on the drugs other than the wellbutrin and the cymbalta with no problems so I guess I need to know where do you think the side effects come from or is it a mixture of both. Any help would be appreciate