I have a severe migraine that isn't responding to any of my medications (torodol, relpax, norflex, over the counter sinus medication, advil, excedrin). I've had this headache for 4 days now and can't even function. I suffer from chronic sinus infections, and I do have a small pituitary tumor. However I was at the neurosurgeons office 4 days ago, and the doctor said he wanted to wait another 2 years and check it again. I've been treated for migraines for over 30 years, and it seems as though they are getting more intense and frequent. There is rarely a day go by that I don't have at least a mild headache. I've been admitted to the hospital several times over the years so the doctors could get the headache/pain under control for me. Now I've gotten to the point I'm having more "down" days where I cannot function at all then good days. I've even tried NOT taking any medication to see if it that might help. Are you able to suggest anything?