I've been reading about how some have lost their appetites for various reasons, and lost weight. Well, due to stress, stomach problems & meds, I've lost my appetite and GAINED quite a bit of sudden weight! By nighttime, I realize I have to eat something, and its usually just to fill up! I don't eat junk food, but have just lost my appetite for many foods, and get sick thinking about prepping the food! Anyone know if there are any companies that deliver organic/healthy prepared food, in the right portions to lose/control weight? I literally feel like gagging when I think about preparing breakfast, lunch or most foods, but would eat something healthy, prepared. I know that sounds weird, but something is causing this aversion! I hesitate eating food from the typical "Diet" companies (J.Craig, Nutrisystem, etc.) because of preservatives, additives, chemicals, etc. I want to eat REAL food, but need help to start such a regime while I'm working a 70 hr. work week! Just don't have the time right now to spend on prep, cooking, cleaning, and have got to restart some healthy habits now! Once I've started, I can get ideas on what to buy, how to combine & quickly prepare healthy meals, but I really need a boost to start! I've had many stomach problems, and the lack of nutrition has negatively affected both mental & physical health. I really want to avoid a Bipolar I depression, because the weight is not good for my body OR mind! Feel like I don't even know how to shop for food anymore! Any suggestions for a coach or recipes or anything will be appreciated! Thanks, Jillian :)