Need a good feedback on side effects that you may have noticed in childern boys in particular between ages of 9-12? The child has 2-3 mild seizures per year. The cause is unknown at this time.

The doctor wants to try for 2 years only to put him on this drug. The condition maybe related to myocardial issues which is being tested to rule out and so far the initial test has not shown that being related but we need wait for 2nd testing to be completed. However, another thought is that it could be just the "misfire" of the neurons that some childern may experience in the childhood age, The good doctor stated that it could go away in a few years on its own. However the study has shown that with 2 years therpay with AED meds, 85% will be cured of the recurrent seizures.

Anyone who has a child or been told this, please respond. I also like to hear from those who have taken this med (the younger age level) and like to hear the side effects you may have seen or heard about Lamictal by itself and Keppra please. Thanks