I have been to the ER twice, i am in a lot of pain, and have been told i have a ovarian cyst. I have had a CT scan, and been to a Gastroenterologist, as we thought that it was my stomach giving me trouble. It turns out that I have a little too much acid in my stomach, but it is not enough to cause me the pain i am in. I have had to leave College because the pain was making me unable to go to class. I am a freshman at Union College, and am 18 years old. It also hurts a little to have sex, and I have only had one partner. I have been tested for STDs and do not have any. I've been tested for just about everything, and every test as come out "perfect" as the doctors have seemed to like saying. I feel like i am going crazy, because the pain makes me cry, and wakes me at night.
The pain is now on my right abdomen and going into my back. From leaning over, the left side of my back is hurting as well. I am getting chills, and low fevers. I have to make an appointment to get a Ultrasound, and I am just scared... can anyone help me with questions to ask my doctor? or anything actually that may help?