I have been reading everyone stories. I have been taking vicodin for about 8 years now. I tried it when I had a C-section. I then was offered it at a job a used to work at about 8yrs ago. I used to take a few 5/500mg here and there and then got introduced to norcos.

I don't know when it exactly happened but now I need them to live. About a few mos ago i was popping about 4 norcos every 3hrs.but began getting sick. So now I cut back to 2-3 norcos 10mg/325mg. every 4 hrs.

The funny thing is every one in my circle of friends of family also do this and it is so accepted that it almost seems like a normal thing! I am at the point where "i am sick and tired of being sick and tired." I feel like no one understands because they are doing the same thing. I want to reach out to someone but don't want to be judge.

I buy them from the streets and it is very costly I find myself budgeting my life for my habit and it is stressful and exhausting. I don't actually go out in the streets I have about 3 connections that get them prescribed to them and they call me when they have them and I go pick them up if i don't have money they front them to me until payday. When my connects don't have any I utilize one of my friends or family members connects and vice versa.

I just signed up for Kaiser insurance and really want to ask someone for help. I called the advice nurse and she gave me info for the Chemical dependency department. I was reading Carmen2010 post and it kind of scared me. I have a friend that tried Suboxone and said it has did wonders for her but I haven't talked to her recently and don't know if she made it off the drug yet. Her program was supposed to be about 3 months.

I have been thinking of starting some type of program but I can't get time off of work without affecting my job. But I can't go on like this. I am thinking of doing a walk-in to the Chemical Dependency department at Kaiser tomorrow.

Does anyone know how long it will take for them to actually start me on Subs (as you guys call it) once I go in? I would like to start the same day if possible?