my pm has put me on fentanyl 50mg and fentanyl25 mg patch .i know the months worth of the 50mg's were 120.00 and thats after my insurance paid! she also gave mefentanyl citrate buccal tablet 200 mg for the times when i just can't handle the pain !plus i get 15 mg of oxy's and soma's 350mg and ultrams .

i really need my meds the patch has been wonderful ,was given it while i was in the hospital after my second back surgery in a month ! they did surgery again so they have kept me on the 50 mg patch and my pm added the 25 mg yesterday!

our insurance is changiing so it covers more of our meds so i am trying to wait until we get the new card to have my meds filled.but i really need to get the 25 mg fentanyal and the 200 mg tablets filled now ! any help would be very much needed !

i am glad to have friends on this site who care enough to give me much needed advise !thanks !!

i can't find where i was telling about hurting with my back after surgery but i want to tell all of you thanks for your advise ! i did end up calling my doctor who admitted me into the hospital on jan 16th and i had my 3rd back surgery on the 21st and was released from hospital on the 25th of jan.some how i set up infection and came home with a i v line ,a nurse can out and showed my husband how to start the i v .he did wonderful ! for five days i got a antiboic at home ! went back to doctor and i v's have stopped ,just finish the pills !

sorry so long just wanted to up date you all on whats been going on