My dad takes imdur, avapro, glipizide,onglyza,furosemide, k-dur. He is a diabetic, anemic, and hx of prostate ca.He is 83. Recently he has been found unconscious, 3 times taken to the ER. Paramedics give him atropine (i think) in order to revive him. his heart rate and blood pressure become very low. These episode happens at approx. same time of day. He takes his meds about 9-10 am. Approx. 1-2 pm these unresponsive episode happens. When found he had been unconscious up to 1 hr. Drs cannot find out what is causing these episodes. Extensive heart studies have been done. nothing is found wrong.I was wondering if problems with medication can cause these symptoms. any advice would be appreciated.