I've been taking amitriptyline for just over a year for chronic neck pain from multi-level disk herniation and depression. I recently began to experience cystitis symptoms. In reading the side effects information, I noticed that it lists trouble urinating. My cystitis symptoms consist primarily of urgency which is just kind of annoying. Sometimes my bladder is full, needs to be emptied. Following urination the urgency symptoms go into overdrive, despite an empty bladder. I have been tested for urinary track infections - negative. I have done a candida cleanse and have begun eliminating foods that encourage candida growth. I have been tested for a variety of chemical and food allergies - negative. Two chemicals were identified as allergens CARBA MIX (diphenylguanidine, zincdibutyldithiocarbamate, zincdiethyldithiocarbomate) and Thimerosal (merthiolate). Some foods did have reactions when test patches were removed (and those corresponded with foods, I suspected I had allergies to), however the following day when test sites were officially read, non of my suspectic allergens were positively identified. I suspect I have food sensitivities for those foods, but I have also had them with no cystitis symptoms, and I've eaten them my entire life with no cystitis symptoms. Anyway, I know that amitriptyline is used to treat cystitis symptoms, but I'm wondering if the amitriptyline could also be contributing to my cystitis symptoms, or if it could be reacting with anything to contribute to cystitis symptoms.

Thanks for your assistance.