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Can a vaginal bacteria infection be sexually transmitted?

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want2Bmedless 5 Dec 2010


I'm not a doctor but I am pretty sure both bacteria and yeast can be passed between partners. Men can, but not necessarily, carry the bacteria or yeast and you can become re-infected even after treatment. Have you seen a doctor? There is a delicate balance of the good and bad bacterias inside the vagina and a lot of women are prone to getting infection. There is a good chance that your infection was not sexually transmitted... but, if you have discharge that is foul smelling, I would DEFINITELY go see a doctor... if your discharge is thick and white or cottage cheese "like", I would maybe try an OTC yeast infection remedy first to spare the cost of seeing a doctor, but, if it does not improve in at least 3 days... go see a doctor for sure. Some bacterial infections can eventually, cause damage to your reproductive organs and cause a lot of pain if left untreated for a long period of time.

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