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Can a three year old be diagnosed with autism?

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Rajive Goel 21 Sep 2011

Autism is a developmental disorder that appears in the first 3 years of life, and affects the brain's normal development of social and communication skills.

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litlmommag 21 Sep 2011

Definatly, my daughter has aspergurs wasn't diagone till she was 7 but truth be known I knew something was wrong I ignored the signs cause I didn't wanna face it I guess. If you suspect a child is autistic please look it up on line and do research. Mine only has a mild form but I have learned how to help her a lot. And find a good child psycolgist they are very helpful to help you and them deal with the disability. Good luck best of health

tripp2007 21 Sep 2011

My son was diagnosed at age 2.5 years old... He is now 4 and with the early intervention, we do daily, he has made tremedous strides.. When he was tested he was at a 6 month old mental level.. Now he is at a 2 year old level! Amazing! 1.5 years of ABA training, OT, Speech, and constant teaching he has come so far in such a little time. I can admit it is very hard and stressful, but it is paying off. He is a special needs class at school, but I was able to put in his IEP that he get 1 hour of 'mainstream' pre-k.. He loves it and he is not acting out and having behaviors like I had feared..I guess I underestimated him.. LOL Keep your head up and try to get everything done as early as you can. It is hard to cope with the diagnosis at first, but after a few years you come to accept it. If you want you can google autism support groups in your area, I am just now getting started on this and I feel it is going to help me learn to cope with Autism!!! Good luck sweetie!

Inactive 2 Feb 2012

Hello dolphin1976. I agree 100% with litlmommag, Rajive, and tripp, Autism can be diagnosed as early as three years of age. My point of view, is that its a blessing of sorts. You can begin to learn at that young age what is happening to your child. Years ago, it simply wasn't known, that a child behaviour, acting out was for a particullar reason, never mind an illness. Good health and wishes to you and your family,pledge free discount card

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