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Can a regular doctor perscribe suboxone?

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Inactive 18 Jul 2010

Hi mommelody, No, a doctor needs a special license to prescribe suboxone.
The other great people here on will answer your question much better than I can. Just hang in there, and you will receive loads of info!
Best wishes to you,

christineATU 18 Jul 2010

You are so right! See? Maso to the rescue.

Inactive 18 Jul 2010

I just want to be able to help as much as I am able to, for many people in the past helped me... it is my time to give.

Inactive 18 Jul 2010

Doctors need to be certified to prescribe SUBOXONE. Doctors who are already specialists in addiction medicine or who complete specific training can become certified to treat opioid dependence with SUBOXONE in their offices. Ask your doctor if he or she is certified. If not, your doctor may elect to become certified so that he or she can treat you, or opt to refer you to a colleague who is certified.

I hope i have been of some help... from a caring individual

mommelody 18 Jul 2010

Thank you so much for the info. I had a feeling they had to be certified in anesthesiology, which is what pain clinic dr's are. But get this... this is what they [pain clinic] have done to me and my husband...

they dismissed us on false grounds, being they say we both incidintally failed a urine drug screen where we supposedly tested positive for hydrocodone, when we were taking oxycodone [30 mg]. We investigated, the lab wrote them a letter stating the following: due to the high amounts of oxycodone, a small amout of hydrocodone will often show up in a urine drug screen... WHICH IS DUE TO THE CHEMICAL STRUCTURE OF THE PARTICULAR MANUFACTURER OF THE OXY..oh yeah, which our dr. even said this was grounds for a law suit, because they are puttin hydro in the oxy, being it's cheaper.

Inactive 18 Jul 2010

Oh my gosh, you two are really being jerked around!!
Call an attorney that does pro-bono work!

Best wishes to you both!

Inactive 18 Jul 2010

What a**h***s im sorry yall have been treated that way especially them telling you to suffer. That kind of s**t would have just pissed me off so much to the point where i would have found a doctor that day get a script fill it then jingle the pills in front of there ugly faces. How dare they treat you and your husband like dogs they should have their medical license taken from them. What i dont understand is why doctors get into the medical field when its not suppose to be just about the money but to be caring and compationate to their patients as well. Sounds to me like he just got into it for the money its so so sad freaking pricks! Good luck to the two of you i hope it only gets better from here for you both sincerley michelle.

Inactive 18 Jul 2010

Yup, some doctors are complete tools.

christine, can I get an amen on this??? ha

mommelody 18 Jul 2010

Thank you all so much..I think just finding you guys on here who understand has helped me today.the withdrawals are getting a bit worse, but i know they will be worse tonite and tomorrow... maybe by then we can get some relief. i wonder if my husband went to the er if they would give him enough suboxone to last till tomorrow... if a regular dr can't prescribe it, then his dr. can't help him tomorrow either... I do have a dr. appt with my reg. dr as well as the new pain clinic... but its not till the and i dont know what will happen...

subzero58 19 Jul 2010

if the doctor has taken the 8 hour course then any doctor can perscrib sub. belive me, some of the doc i have spoken to know way less then most people do if they would read about it... its a license to steal as far as im concerned .

Sacosam 19 Jul 2010

Hi Sub, I've said it before and i'll say it again, it is absolute thievery. I've been there, and while the drug is both excellent for Pain and coming down, with few if any, addiction problems, all the Drs. do is push 'em. Right on Subzero58... Sacosam, I am!

htwooh 19 Jul 2010

My son wanted to go on suboxone so he googled it and a map came up of the Suboxone Dr.s in our area - he picked the one closest to us and went. We are in California and this Dr. is $50 and he usually goes once a month but has missed some appt.s due to work and they just give him a script for the month and he can get them a day a time, a week at a time or for the whole month. They are about $400 a month here and he pays for them so working is his main source of entertainment (!) can do it. He has had very good luck with the medication and recently weened down a little.I guess he is lucky after reading all these answersaboug how difficult it is around the country. Google suboxone in and see what happens in your area. I would call around and get a different source. Good Luck

dmfdjttor57 20 Jul 2010

Hi, I just wanted to add, that is is quite possible the reason your husband got sick the second day is because he had opiates in his system. Taking suboxene w/out being off of all opiates for at the very least, 24hr. can make you deathly ill, i mean, worst of w/d's, so that's a possibility. Chris, you are just like me, I knew i loved you for a reason, ha ha, I would be doing exactly what you said you'ld be doing. We must remember tho, this poor couple is probably going through some real hell right now physically, so they may have to wait until the worst is over before contacting an atty.

fall queen 20 Jul 2010

mommelody, I usually have way more than my two cents to add, but in this case I think you have gotten almost every good answer from all the great people here on this site. There are far too many M&M's in this country (medical misfits),my own daughter calls them Dr. Pockets, they have nothing better to do then stand around "trying to look professional" when in fact they are just violating their oath. You are in good hands here already, I hope these doctors are not afraid of Karma! Fall Queen

Inactive 20 Jul 2010

ooooh fall queen, The Karma police will get those A-hole doctors, you can bet my farm on that!

subzero58 21 Jul 2010

doctors get away with so much that they think they are above the law and are somehow better than the people they treat.everyone who goes to a doctor needs to stop treating them like they are some kind of miracle worker.believe me they are not.if your on a certain kind of insurance and your doctor is not doing job,then report him to your insurance company.then next report him to your states medical board of ethics.when enough people do this he has to defend himself to the board. if he gets enough people against him they can pull his c11 license or maybe chase him out of the state. if your doctor is not helping you fire him and get a new one... pete free discount card

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