I am 8 weeks pregnant and have a 1.7cm by 11mm kidney stone in my right kidney. I also have a history of previous kidney stones in both kidneys within the last 2 years. I went to the urologist when i was 4 weeks pregnant and the urologist refused to due laser surgery due to me being pregnant, instead he put a stint in my kidney so it would continue to work. He then told me that I would have to deal with the pain and stone throughout my entire pregnancy. I am suppose to go back every six to eight weeks, to have another surgery to have it changed. Meanwhile its causing pain when I urinate, and pressure on my bladder just in normal resting. When the kidney stone moves it causes extreme pain, to the exstint of being imobile. Neither the urologist or the o.b. will perscribe pain medication. I am a midget that has to have cescerian delivery, due to my hips being unable to spread. Would that have something to do with the reasoning of them not wanting to do surgery. Is the surgery possible and what are the risks if any?