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Can a pain dr pain cut u off for not having the meds the gave u in your system?

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litlmommag 13 Oct 2011

Definatly and they will. They can cut you off and stop you from getting the medication from other drs as well. The test wnt just show if you took it for a day or so but if you have been using them for a period of time. A lot of pm dr will not give you your refills if you don't goto an apt either. Take care litlmommag

meyati 13 Oct 2011

Yes they can-Right now the big worry is that patients are selling their pills on the street. Also following direct directions is a big one for doctors, and has been. If you don't need so much call or get in and explain the situation. Then the doctor will understand, and you won't have legal problems. I personally think that they should have an excess med turn in. I was given a script with a med that I was allergic too-the pharmacy didn't transfer it to the HMO file. I went in to the doctor after I recovered from the allergy problems. He asked what I did with the rest of the pills, I threw them out, because on of my relatives is a druggie. I didn't want to keep them around for a minute. I didn't want to get sick and have somebody give me one. The doctor was apset that I threw them out. After reading "Releving Pain in America" by the NIH, I realized that the doctor probably thinks that I put them out on the street.
Good luck-talk to the doctor

DzooBaby 13 Oct 2011

What did he tell you that you should have done with them? Many folks have left over pills after surgeries, dental work and such and we are told to instruct them to throw them out in the trash but to mix them with an unpalatable substance like used kitty litter or best yet, to get plaster of Paris from the craft store and mix them in with the wet plaster and pour into a plastic lined box or empty plastic milk jug then throw the whole mixture away so that no one can extract them to use them or sell them. If you throw the bottle away with the pills in them someone may extract them from the trash.

Buddy1971 13 Oct 2011

Any Walgreens will take & dispose of them properly (flushing down the toilet just adds them to the water system) so there's no reason you can't dispose of them properly.

ElizaJane23 13 Oct 2011

In our community there is one drugstore that will take your excess or no longer needed meds. It won't take anything that is controlled however. At the sherriff's office there is an "Amnesty" box - you can put your controlled meds in there plus any drug or drug pharaphenalia-sp? that you might have. No one will stop your or check what you are putting in there either. -

meyati 14 Oct 2011

hi eliza-the problem is what the doctors and pharmacists think that you did with your drugs. It's not having a dispoal site-which I have never seen, but what the suspicious minds think that you're doing with it.

Buddy1971 14 Oct 2011

Sorry about that,my experiences are in Madison WI where they pretty much have to allow people to dispose of "excess " drugs but I doubt they see many scheduled drugs being turned in. But in Madison they have a needle exchange(not that I use it) but I think it's ridiculous that all states don't have them because I gaurantee it's not going to stop users but will continue the spread of blood born diseases. It's just ridiculous that they think because people can get access to clean needeles will make them want to start sticking them in there arms. Just another STUPID REPULICAN IDEA. free discount card

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