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Can a doctor legally ask a patient to do drug test to get pain medication.patient has no priors?

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Anonymous 26 Jan 2012

YES!!! and some new laws regarding pain meds, pm drs, and drug tests were just passed, that is why they asked the patient to tke the test, they are not singling the patient out.

Buddy1971 27 Jan 2012

Diddo as Pati said. I had to take one when my doctor asked or she'd stop prescribing my narcotics. But even though I know I tested positive for pot it wasn't used against me because I do truly use it for medicinal purposes. It increases my appetite the other effects aren't bad either & does seem to help with pain :•)(but I'm not prescribed Marinol,(prescription THC) but if doctors are made to test people because the federal or state government makes it a condition for doctors to prescribe narcotics then this country is in trouble. But yes they can. Hope that's not bad news.

ElizaJane23 27 Jan 2012

Happens all the time. It's getting to be standard treatment if you want to stay on pain meds. No slight on you - just part of all that doctors and patients have to do to be able to provide pain meds and still keep in business. Regards - ElizaJane free discount card

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