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Can a daily dose of niaspan ER (2000 mg) cause a rise in blood glucose?

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suzanne66 14 Feb 2010

Yes, especially fasting blood glucose. Diabetic patients may need to be monitored carefully.

This from
"... 5.3 Laboratory Abnormalities
Increase in Blood Glucose: Niacin treatment can increase fasting blood glucose. Frequent monitoring of blood glucose should be performed to ascertain that the drug is producing no adverse effects. Diabetic patients may experience a dose-related increase in glucose intolerance. Diabetic or potentially diabetic patients should be observed closely during treatment with Niaspan, particularly during the first few months of use or dose adjustment; adjustment of diet and/or hypoglycemic therapy may be necessary."

putzz 15 Feb 2010

Thank you Suzanne66. I have reduced dose to 1000 mg and blood glucose readings have dropped considerably. However my fasting blood glucose is still high relative to what it was before Niaspan. Guess my next step is to try 500mg. free discount card

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