the breasts, sides, up to the chest area and around to the back? I have experienced an internal feeling like a pinching, stabbing, or dull pain that can last a few seconds to all day on/off. This wakes me at night. I do not have shortness of breath. I do get discomfort when I eat .I have to eat small meals. I have occassional dizzy spells,no passing out. My blood pressure is 120/70 and blood sugars have been 97 when dizzy. I tested positive for a Lupus anticoagulant gene. My 2 brothers also tested for Factor II and anticardiolipid gene. I am a 42yo female. Can these pains be from the clot pressing on a nerve such as the celiac or vagus nerve or what could be causing this discomfort. I never experienced this pain prior to developing this clot. I am taking 7.5mg of Coumadin. Does Coumadin cause muscle/joint pain? My hips and thighs hurt so bad it wakes me at night sometimes. A liver doppler was unremarkable. recent CTscan with contrast showed the superior mesenteric vein diminshed in size since finding the clot in 7/2011. can you offer any information about what could be causing this pain? thank you