... July to December. She has never taken the asthma test to solidify the diagnosis since she was too young. She is not having the asthma-type symptoms that she once had, and now when she gets what seems like a cold, she has no wheezing, no shortness of breath. My thinking, and that of our pediatrician, is that her lungs may have matured enough & perhaps she has outgrown the asthma as many children do. She sees pulmonologist in a couple of weeks, and pulmonologist is the one who put her back on flovent this past December because she was getting sick every other week. The flovent and albuterol (just when she needs it) have not relieved her symptoms since December (pediatrician now thinks she may have sinus infection & we're treating for that). My question is - could she now be more sensitive to the flovent, i.e. more side effects to the flovent this time? She did not have any side effects previously, but I'm wondering if using flovent without being asthmatic would render more sensitivity, hence more side effects - irritability, more aggressive behavior, less quality sleep, hyperactivity. Thank you so much for any feedback anyone can offer