About 8 months ago i started having some abdominal pain. Primarily near my left ovary. I figured it was a cyst and didnt plan to go to the doctor.( Im on the depo shot and have been experiencing some heavy bleeding and periods that were lasting around 2 weeks.)
Three months later the pain has worsened and i decided to go see my OBGYN.. who wasnt very interested in my cyst & as always blamed the bleeding on the depo shot. She told me if its still hurting after a month or two to come back for an ultra sound. Two months later my pain has continued to get worse along with the painful bleeding. So I went for the Ultra Sound and some sort of vaginal camera thing.
Today i get a phone call from my doctor telling me i have Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. I spent hours researching it & it is just NOT possible for an STD at this time. I still have a golf ball sized pain feeling like its right on top of my ovary area that has been continuous since the beginning. Which my dr did not even mention seeing a cyst in the ultra sound. I have so many questions and am so confused. I noticed some cases of PID the infection was caused by bacteria. I am wondering if the cyst burst and caused bacteria .. ending up causing PID.? If not then where did the cyst go? The pain i continue to feel is primarily on my left ovary.
Just hoping to find a second opinion about this or some advice from some one! :) thank you