My wife started on vesicare and took for three days, !st day stomach pain and burning, 2nd day - same as 1st day but with throat burning and mild swelling
3rd day- Same as 1st and 2nd day with mouth, tongue, and lips burning and severly red gum with black splotches. Stopped taking, saw urologest 2 weeks later, still having the Above symtoms. Dr prescribed Sanctura for OAB, Took for three days, Same problems but worse painand the Reddness in gums worsened with larger black areas and peeling from teeth. Also had a strong salty taste stating with the vesicare. She is still suffering with this symtoms and has seen 3 doctors with no relief, Last Dr. prescribed Nexium feeling that the Vesicare and Sanctura had chemically burnt out the esophegeal sphcinter. and has allow stomache acid reflux which caused the burning and gum damage. Taking nexium for week and a half with no relief.