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Can a 10mg valium be scored 4 times?

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Blackmamba 17 Feb 2010

What exactly do u mean by scored? I take Valium on a daily basis, but don't go by what I take. I take 10 mg's 4x a day. Well, I'm supposed too. Sometimes I take a lot more, and sometimes I take less. But in my opinion, if your asking this question, your better off taking it as you usually do. Scheduled drugs are crazy. They can effect one person one way, and another person another way. If u want to talk further about this, send me a friend request.

mammawdeb 17 Feb 2010

By scored, i mean can you divide it in to 4 parts to make 2.5 out of a 10. I have never took anything before but due to my sons death & dealing with this i want something very mild to calm me down a little. I m scared to death of drugs.

mindcandy4u 27 Jul 2011

I once received generic valium 10mg by Cipla(out of india) these were white pills with no imprints and were scored to form 4 quarters. Although your pills may be genuine if you got the script from a doctor and filled it through a legitimate pharmacy, however mine were received thru an online pharmacy and were totally FAKE, COUNTERFEIT, or JUST PLAIN INEFFECTIVE. Hope you had better luck. free discount card

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