went camping. Noticed a day or two later what looked to be an in grown fingernail. But kept noticing it changing shape and wiggling around. It was there 2 days same spot. Of course i didnt want to be the idiot in the ER with an in grown fingernail. So i waited the next day after poking it pushing it messing with it cuz my finger tip was numb and tingly. It felt different I felt it pulsating and moving and you could SEE it pulsating and moving. We tried to video it but it stopped. But i could feel it in my finger tip. So i pushed hard. And it ran (my daughter and i could visually see it) quickly through my entire finger. Now i feel it under my skin and feel it while touching it, its in my forearm elbow area. Only saw one. Research think its a hook worm or bot fly leaning toward botfly cuz i have a tiny white spot (airhole) and if left alone probably wouldnt have moved. Plus i think its only one. But i am definately no doctor. And really shouldnt read or believe everything i see on internet. (NOT INTENDED FOR YOU)Do i go to ER or what do i do. Im very nervous.