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Came off herion yesterday started suboxone 3 8mgs then did 16 bags of herion I dont know wat to d?

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24 Jul 2011

You really should go to the Emergency room, but at the very least, have someone monitor you for a day or two to make sure you are breathing and still alive. I am not judging you, I am worried. And three 8 mgs of subs really is too much for a regular dose. If you need more help with suboxone, can you let us know. Obviously you are seeking some type of answer, just not sure what as it cut off your post. I am going to say some prayers for you, please go to the ER. Pattishan

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ronnie72 24 Jul 2011

this was yesterday t day i went to work did 4 bags and i feel fine i dont know if i shoud continu subs or keep getting high???

Anonymous 24 Jul 2011

Well don't mix the 2, just for shiggles look up suboxone in and read what it says and them you will realize why I might have been so scared for You. Thank you so much for updating, I am glad you are ok. You know that much suboxone should have blocked anything you took, but each person is different. I am just glad you are ok. I think the site is being worked on, thereby delaying post by newcomers. Your post just showed up a bit ago. This is a decision you will have to make on your own as to whether you want to get off the Horse, or stay on it. No judgement my friend, just logic and compassion. Glad you are okay for now. Keep us informed, we are here to help. Pattishan

24 Jul 2011

Hey ronnie,

The choice is yours: a life governed by your addiction or freedom from the addiction. Suboxone will help with the physical part of the addiction, the mental part will still need to be addressed. Suboxone can only do so much, you have a decision to make.

If you decide to restart the Suboxone, you will need to wait until 24 hours from your last use of heroin so to prevent precipitated withdrawals. It is recommended you get addiction's counseling along with the Suboxone so to address the mental part of the addiction. It isn't easy, but it is rather simple. The first step is up to you.

Good luck and here to help when your ready,


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24 Jul 2011

I hit the wrong thumb. Sorry Mary.

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Anonymous 25 Jul 2011

I meant sorry Laurie.

25 Jul 2011

Excuse me but isn't the whole idea of using Suboxone to help you come off such drugs as Heroin? whic leads to my second comment, wht would you be using heroin and suboxone, that seems like a dangerous concept it seems to me that you haven't decided to allow this substance to stop running you life, I don't mean to be rude it's important that you make a decision hopefully one that's going to have a positive outcome in your life, this does not sound like anything that will lead you anywhere but into more problems

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caringsonbj 25 Jul 2011

You are so fortunate to have come through this the first time but then to mix the two you are playing a game that could cost you your life, We care about what happens to YOU and others that comes to this site!

ronnie72 3 Aug 2011

i was trying to induct the subs too quit herion but i think i took the subs too soon and went into massive wds soo bad that i got the h to feel better but it was prob blocked by the subs but i did feel better wether it was the subs or h the wds stopped but now i m trying to induct the subs again ,just gonna try to wait longer this time

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