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Will Caltrate cure or improve osteoporosis please?

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Inactive 28 Dec 2012

There are no known cures for osteoporosis. Caltrate which is calcium
carbonate can help.

Please click on the links for important information:

Prevention of Osteoporosis

Calcium is essential for building and maintaining healthy bone. Vitamin D is also needed because it helps your body absorb calcium. Following a healthy, well-balanced diet can help you get these and other important nutrients throughout life.

Other tips for prevention:

Avoid drinking excess alcohol
Don't smoke
Get regular exercise

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Inactive 28 Dec 2012

Hello Ephrem, & welcome to the site. If you already have osteopororsis, it is important to take extra calcium & vitamin D3 (plus magnesium & zinc) to try to help maintain your bone density. There are many drugs out there to help with that process sucn as Actonel, miacalcin, Boniva, Reclast & last, but not least Forteo which actually rebuilds new bone. The others just keep the bone from further damage or thinning. I have this very seriuously, & am about to finish my 26 month treatment with Forteo shots you give yourself at home. At 12 months, a new DEXA scan showed much improvment in my bone density. I still am on extra calcium & vitamin D3 to help with the Forteo in formation of new bone. I highly reccomend the Forteo as the others taken for years, did not help me & I continued to have many fractures. I highly reccomend Forteo along with calcium and vitamin D3. I have only had one new spinal fracture early on in treatment. It's my understanding that after the Forteo treatment, I will have a 6 month rest from meds for this, & then continue with the Actonel. You must be on a certain scale with your DEXA scan to start the Forteo shots as it is quite expensive, & insurance usually won't pay for it until you reach that number. Take good care of your bones. They are the only ones you have. Good luck & best wishes...

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