Hi there I'm 17 years old and I could really use some help and some encouragement or something. So I have been dating a guy for about a year and an half and we started having sex after about one year. We always did it with a condom, but I have been horribly paranoid about getting pregnant( because my mom god pregnant when she was 18 and would be absolutely crushed if she found out I was pregnant) so after the first few times we did it (which we still only do it like once a month at most) I took plan b because I was so scared, even though we used a condom and he pulled out. But on march 29th we got really in the moment (which I know this is so stupid of me and that is a horrible excuse) but we had sex with out a condom. He pulled out, and about 30 minutes later I went to Walgreens and bought plan b and took it right then. The next week was spring break and I my family was on a trip and I got some minor cramps and was bleeding brownish blood for about 4-5ish days after. We had sex right after my period like it was the last day and I was just barely spotting but the. Those 6 days later I was bleeding, it started off as spotting and then got heavier as the day went on. I have been googling things almost every night and learned about implantation bleeding and i saw something that said it can happen as early as six days in. Almost every. Night I have been looking up things online and I am so scared. Was that bleeding a period that soon after my last period? My time of the month is usually at the end of each month so I have a long time to wait before I can actually tell if something is seriously wrong. But I cannot explain how terrified I am right now, Monday night I was looking up symptoms of plan b and pregnancy until about midnight and that night I had an awful dream I was pregnant and my mom was so upset with my I woke up crying I was so scared. I am getting to a point where it's like everytime I have my phone I am looking up something, hoping I will find some comfort or a solution, but it's only making things worse, I am psyching myself out I having a hard time sleeping, eating and I am feeling like I have a constant feeling of adrenaline. I want to know what the likely hood of me being pregnant is after taking plan b 30 minutes after intercourse, if that blood was implantation bleeding or my plan b period (also, this week my breast have been a little bit swollen and just a tiny bit sore, which always happens the week before my period, but is also a sign of pregnancy), I saw your response to someone else's question and yours was a more kind and motherly response as opposed to all of those just saying "plan b only kind of works" I am so scared and I can't talk to anyone about it. I told my boyfriend that i am not going to have sex until I am on actual birth control, but I feel like I can't handle this stress, I went to the bathroom during school today and took my phone and looked up things that might help it's getting that out of hand. Please give me some feed back, or options or comments, I know what I did is SO mind blowingly stupid of me and I promise I will never do it again! (I am sorry this is so long I really needed to explain what is happening) let me know when you can! Thank you so much:)