I seem to feel more alert & energetic since the 1st month of taking Wellbutrin 100mgs SR. I just started taking the 150 mg of the sr, I take twice daily. Just curious... Have anyone taken Wellbutrin SR or the generic version for several years? Is Wellbutrin the only anti-depressant that increase the energy level? I heard that some people change due to the AD stop working & I hope that I don't have 2 change the Wellbutrin SR? Have anyone ever started the Wellbutrin at a dosage of 300 mg in the XL version? Have anyone noticed that the Wellbutrin helps with energy? What are your thoughts on that? Is anyone taking 150 mg of the SR version of Wellbutrin/Bupropion? If so, what is your experience & do you like it? I guess what I'm trying 2 say guys, is let me know your experiences on this drug & for you long term users, is it still helping with your depression & energy? Please, please let me know guys! Thanks!