from spending 1/3 of your monthly income in one fell swoop like I just did. I bought a waffle iron. On my income, I have no room in my budget to buy a waffle iron. Same goes for for buying 6 kinds of chocolate.

I have a million creditcards, and they are all delinquent with mile high balances because of one episode of mania.

When will I learn? I have spent three rather large inheritances and have not a goddamn thing to show for it. If I had been a normal person, I would own a beach house in La Jolla, but nooooooooooooooooo, I had to go off flying to distance places, or driving cross country, drinking in some new bar at every pitstop. I bought like 50 little mise en place glass bowls - WTF.Multiple $45.00 a pop candles, coz my mania said I had to have them. I can't even go into certain stores, like Williams Sonoma, coz I would try to trade a kidney for a Le Creuset Dutch Oven. Just going in that store, or looking at their website gets me all revved up and in trouble.

This is true insantity - now, for the rest of the month I will be dining endtirely on waffles and chocolate. Arghhhhhhh!

So, how do you, dear reader bind the urges to spend spend spend when manic. I have thought I had it under control, but I am just foolin myself.