I am on several medications for pain, allergies & the normal stuff most people are on when they turn 50. My medicines are listed in a prior post. Until last month, I was on methadone among other things. I asked to give my body a break from the methadone because I was exhausted all the time. We went back to oxycodone (slowly) & I still had 2 days I was miserable & that is an understtement. I want to go off the muscle relaxers, the wellbuterin,neurotin, xannax. I want one drug that can take the place of all these. I doNOT want to go back to methadone but the oxycodone is not helping the pain. I have complex sleep apnea & now chronic gastritis from all the meds. If anyone can think of a drug that I can talk with my pain doc, please let me know. You can do a search for eyes on the sky to see the list of meds. Please help me get rid of half this stuff & find something besides methadone to control pain in between all the shots. God bless each of you for any input!