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What is the pill called a birdie on the street?

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chuck1957 29 Oct 2017

APRILJANE; YOU HAVE TO be very careful on the street a street name can be for many different drugs it depends if or who you get it from they don't care if you live or die as long as they get there 20 bucks all I can find is it is a mix of. ((( Cocaine; heroin.)))) now you guess this is a fast or slow way to hell. why risk it. this is not a friend if they are trying to get you to take this April all you will have if you make it through is a job on your back. and no teeth don't do it. I HAVE 3 DEAD BROTHERS FROM STREET DRUGS. PLEASE THINK THIS OVER. it is from pill to pill not even the same strength
PLEASE think this over hard.

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