It's been three weeks on Prozac 10 mg and last week I thought I was starting to see some improvement so I cut back on the klonopin. I was starting to feel like a zombie especially at work which is not good. Bad idea. It seems like by the 3rd day without the klonopin I'm almost crawling out of my skin with anxiety and obsessive intrusive thoughts. This is all new to me. I've had panic attacks before but 12 years ago they gave me lexapro and all seemed ok, until it stopped working. I wish I wouldn't have stopped my lexapro at this time in my life. There's too much at stake! I knew it'd be hard but not this hard! Please someone tell me there's hope for me. I didn't sleep two nights in a row due to inner restlessness, energy, as soon as I closed my eyes I got startled awake by racing heartbeat.