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Why calcium suplement is given to the diabetic patient ?

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endlessPred 26 Apr 2012

To protect the bones. Also, most people are deficient in calcium. Often a panel of blood tests are run by the Endo or supervising physician and they find low calcium and low vitamin D.

Take the calcium no matter your age. Generally 1200mg per day. More if you are menopausal.

Inactive 29 Apr 2012

Hello MANDANKA_A, & welcome to the site. My hubby is a type 2 diabetic, & also has many other health problems too. He has to take calcium supplements because of his low bone density, & also a prescription vitamin D3 of 60,000iu twice a week. He has had meds over the years for different conditions that have lowered his bone density. If you question why your doctor has you take a calcium supplement, you should really direct your question to him/her. It's possible that your are needing it for your bones health, I hope this has helped you some with your question... free discount card

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