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What is a calcium problem. And what are the symptoms?

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Stephen Treloar 25 Nov 2016

Too much or too little? Too much is clearly a problem as it going to really mess with your electrolyte balance causing unpleasant cramps everywhere and other issues. Too little and your body will start extracting Ca from your bones leading to osteopenia and then osteoporosis (and cramps everywhere). My body dumps calcium and I'm told the bones affected (lower lumbar vertebrae L1-4, pelvis and femurs 1.5 of them, the titanium is trouble free) are the equivalent of a 90 year olds bones. I take a Calcium supplement plus a daily D3, just 1000 IU's and periodically a 100,000 unit single dose as required for a top up.

This should probably be best treated by seeing a doctor, getting a blood electrolyte test and maybe a bone density scan.

For most young women it is not an issue but becomes one with menopause. Unusual in men my age but I have an endocrine system issue. free discount card

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